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Access to nuclear information: The role of the GAEC library

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By Albert P. K. E. Bilson (2019). A presentation at the GAEC seminar series held on 28th May, 2019.

The presentation sought to inform and educate staff about accessing nuclear information through the GAEC electronic/digital library which serves as the organizational repository and provides access to relevant nuclear literature in teaching, learning and research.

It also was to promote the usefulness of using the INIS (International Nuclear Information System) repository, create awareness about the role of the GAEC library as the national INIS (International Nuclear Information System) centre, activities carried out by the Library over the years and some achievements chalked so far.

Finally, the presentation focused on the International Nuclear Library Network (INLN), an association of nuclear libraries and information centres which promotes the exchange of nuclear information amongst members and how GAEC staff can benefit from accessing nuclear information from this project.


Download (PPT, 14.97MB)