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Level of compliance to the public procurement Act 2003 (ACT 663) by public institutions: A case of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

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By Arhin, C. G.; Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (Ghana). (Thesis available at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission Library).

Public Procurement in Ghana has undergone several reviews since independence with the intent of strengthening Public Financial Management Systems. Major review of public expenditure system, in 1993, revealed huge and unsustainable foreign debt, excessive budget deficits, huge contractual payment arrears, poor construction performance, and corruption. The Public Procurement Act (Act 663) 2003 was introduced in Ghana to streamline the anomalies in public procurement. The primary objective of this act is to promote fairness, transparency and to ensure that public procurement is non-discriminatory. However compliance by the public entities has been the greatest challenge in the attainment of the said objective.

The study is aimed at assessing the level of compliance by the staff of the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, a public entity, of the provisions of the PPA 2003 (Act 663). The study adopted two data collection instruments, a set of structured questions in a survey and an interview guide. Findings of this study revealed challenges in compliance and implementation of the Act. Personnel lacked education and training in handling public procurement procedures especially regarding contract expenditures and fixed assets acquisitions.

Some of the recommendations of this study are that, proposed projects could be designed such that the construction or implementation could be done in phases to meet the prevailing approved threshold. The proposed increase in thresholds would afford the relevant procurement stakeholders greater control over procurement decisions to reduce lead time and needless delays caused by Tender Review Boards (TRBs). (au)


Publ. Year: 2016