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Principles for the establishment of upper bounds to doses to individuals from global and regional sources

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by: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria)

Source/Report: Safety series; no. 92; 1989; 25 p; IAEA; Vienna (Austria); ISBN 92-0-123289-6; Worldcat; Also issued in French, Russian and Spanish.

The IAEA Safety Guide, Safety Series No. 77 (1986), Principles for Limiting Releases of Radioactive Effluents into theEnvironment, identifies the concept of upper bounds to individual dose. They are the fractions of the dose limit for members of the public allocated to the various different sources and practices which can give rise to individual exposure. This Guide is concerned with the contributions to individual dose which may arise from other sources in the same region and also from sources which are far away but which, because of the nature of the radionuclides involved, give rise to a global component of dose. Consideration is given to the need for control of such exposures and the means by which it could be achieved. The text may be seen as providing expansion of the guidance given in Safety Series No. 77. 24 refs

Publ. Year: 1989

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