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The metal spectrum of river sediments from the Denso reservoir

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by Carboo, C.; Brimah, A.K. (Dept. of Chemistry, University of Ghana, Legon, Accra (Ghana)); Debrah, C.; Serfor Armah, Y. (National Nuclear Research Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra (Ghana))

The heavy metals in the sediment of the Densu reservoir was determined using instrumental neutron activation analysis. In all, about twenty nine elements were identified to be present in the river sediment. Of all the metals determined iron was found to have the the highest concentration with a maximum value of 15.090 g/kg and a minimum of 6.724 g/kg dry weight , other macro elements identified were Al, Na, K, and Ca. The concentration of most of the metals were higher before the major rains than after the rains. Though baseline data for heavy metals in sediment is not available, the values obtained for some of the metals were higher than normal , suggesting some form of heavy metal pollution in the reservoir. (author)

Source/Report: Ghana Chemical Society, Accra (Ghana); 24 p; 1998; p. 21; 11. national annual conference of the Ghana Chemical Society; Tema (Ghana); 2-5 Sep 1998; INIS-GH–009

Publ. Year: 1998

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