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Na and K Levels in forage species from the communal grazing lands during the dry season at some locations in the Northern Region of Ghana

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by Gomda, Y.M.; Osae, E.K.; Akaho, E.H.K. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra (Ghana)); Fianu, F.K. (University of Ghana, Legon, Accra, (Ghana)); Karbo, N. (Animal Research Institute, Nyankpala (Ghana)); Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra (Ghana). Funding organisation: National Agriculture Research Project (Ghana) 

Forage species were taken, during the dry season, from five districts in the Northern Region of Ghana and analysed for Na and K using the Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) technique. The Na level varied in plants species as well as location. The level ranged between 0.049 g/kg DM and 1.14 g/kg DM. This was found to be inadequate for the animals and require supplementation during the dry season. Potassium level in the forage species was between 7.8 to 91.3g/kg DM and appeared to be adequate for the grazing animals. (author)

Source/Report: Apr 1999; 8 p; INIS-GH–012; Technical report for year ending 1998. 2 tabs.; 18 refs.

Publ. Year: 1999

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