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Multi-element analysis of unidentified fallen objects from Tatale in the Northern Region of Ghana

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by Osae, E. K.; Fletcher, J. J.; Serfor-Armah, B. B.; Ofosu, F. G. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra (Ghana))

A multi-element analysis has been carried out on two fallen objects, No.01 and No. 02, using instrumental neutron activation analysis technique. A total of 17 elements were identified in object No. 01 while 21 elements were found in object No. 02. The two major elements in object No.01 were Fe and Mg, which together constitute about 38% of the total material concentration of the object. Also 10 out of the 17 elements found for object No. 01 have concentrations within the meteorites range while only 3 elements fell in the range for rocks. For object No. 02 the major elements were four and these constitute about 27.8% of the mass of the object. Also, of the 21 elements found in object No. 02 only 3 of them had concentrations within the meteorite range while 8 elements were in the range for rocks. Therefore, object No. 01 could be a meteorite while object No. 02 is more of an earthly origin. (au)

Source/Report: Journal of Applied Science and Technology; v. 5(1-2); ISSN 0855-2215; Worldcat; Dec 2000; p. 45-49

Publ. Year: 2000

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