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Electricity generation in Ghana : the role of the chemist

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by Amuasi, J.H.; Ephraim, J.H.; Glover, E.T.; Fletcher, J.J. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra (Ghana))

The current electricity crisis in Ghana has mandated a holistic approach towards meeting the energy demand of the country. In this paper, a brief review of the various technologies for electricity generation is presented and the role of the chemist in each technology is identified. An emphasis is placed on the nuclear option as a plausible component of a comprehensive energy portfolio and the role of the chemist in each step of the nuclear fuel cycle is outlined. The challenges facing the chemists in the country are enumerated and recommendations for ensuring the incorporation of the nuclear option into the total energy mix of the country are presented. (author)

Source/Report: Ghana Chemical Society, Accra (Ghana); 24 p; 1998; p. 8; 11. national annual conference of the Ghana Chemical Society; Tema (Ghana); 2-5 Sep 1998; INIS-GH–009

Publ. Year: 1998

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