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Preparation of in-house reference materials using two mushrooms species and their analysis by neutron activation analysis (NAA)

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by Ahmad, K.; Addo, M.A.; Afful, S.; Opata, N. (National Nuclear Research Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Legon-Accra, (Ghana)); Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (Ghana)

Two in-house reference materials have been prepared at the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission using two varieties of edible mushroom belonging to the fungus termitomyces species, Sibre and Tweaworodo in the Twi vernacular of Ghanaian Languages. Neutron activation analysis of the fourteen samples of the Sibre variety was found to contain the following concentration of: (major elements): K, 3,781.3±250mg/kg; Cl, 685.2±27.9mg/kg; Mg, 84±125mg/kg; (minor elements) Na, 86.4±2.2mg/kg; Br, 82.1±15.3mg/kg; Cu, 59.6±mg/kg; (Trace elements) I, 0.13±0.09mg/kg; Co, 0.02±0.001mg/kg. Similarly, analysis of ten samples of the Tweaworodo was found to contain the following concentration of elements: (Major elements) Cl, 454.0±39.70mg/kg; Mg, 640.6±62.6mg/kg; Fe, 162.6±mg/kg; (Minor elements) Cu, 66.7±24.7mg/kg; Rb, 24.7±2.8mg/kg; Al, 93.5±4.8mg/kg; (Trace elements) Co, 0.01±0.004mg/kg; I, 0.0μm/g. (au)

Source/Report: 2007; 13 p; GAEC-NNRI-TR–2007/010; Available from the Library, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, P. O. Box LG80, Legon-Accra, (Ghana)

Publ. Year: 2007

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