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Simulators of tray distillation columns as tools for interpreting gamma-ray scan profile signal

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by Offei-Mensah, P.S.; Gbadago, J.K.; Dagadu, C.P.K.; Danso, K.A. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering and Material Science, Accra (Ghana))

Simulators of tray distillation columns were used to provide technical guidelines for interpreting signals from gamma ray scans used for analysing malfunctions in distillation columns. The transmitted radiation intensities at 0.05 m intervals were determined from top to bottom of simulators of tray distillation columns exposed to 20 mCi of ‘1’3’7 Cs. Signals generated from the simulators were identical with the experimental signals obtained from the stabilizer column of the crude oil distillation unit at the Tema Oil Refinery Ghana Limited. Changes in the signal level were observed with changes in diameter, type of material (gasoline, air, debris, steel) and orientation of scan line. The analysis provided accurate interpretation of gamma scan profiles. (au)

Source/Report: Journal of Applied Science and Technology; v. 13(1-2); ISSN 0855-2215; Worldcat; 2008; p. 37-43

Publ. Year: 2008

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