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Elemental characterization of herbal medicines used in Ghana by instrumental neutron activation analysis and atomic absorption spectrometry and multivariate statistical analysis

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by Ayivor, J.E.; Nyarko, B.J.B. (National Nuclear Research Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, P.O.Box LG80, Legon, Accra (Ghana)); Dampare, S.B. (University of Ghana, Legon, Accra (Ghana));Okine, L.K. (Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine, P.O.Box 73, Mampong – Akwapim (Ghana)), E-mail: 

k0 instrumental neutron activation analysis and atomic absorption spectrometry were applied to determine multielements in thirteen Ghanaian herbal medicines used for the management of various diseases. Concentrations of AI, Cu, Mg, Mn and Na were determined. As, Br, K, CI, and Na were determined by short and medium irradiations at a thermal neutron flux of 5x10ncm-2s-1. Fe, Cr, Pb, Co, Ni, Sn, Ca, Ba, Li and Sb were determined using atomic absorption spectrometry. Ba, Cu, Li and V were present at trace levels whereas AI, CI, Na, Ca were present at major levels. K, Br, Mg, Mn, Co, Ni, Fe and Sb were also present at minor levels. The precision and accuracy of the method using real samples and standard reference materials were within ±10% of the reported value. Multivariate analytical techniques, such as cluster analysis and principal component analysis (PCA)/factor analysis (FA), have been applied to evaluate the chemical variations in the herbal medicine dataset. All the 13 samples may be grouped into two statistically significant clusters, reflecting the different chemical compositions. The concentrations of elements were within the recommended daily allowances or maximum permissible levels posing no adverse effects on human health.

Source/Report: 28 May 2010; [15 p.]; 6. African conference on research reactor utilization and safety; Abuja (Nigeria); 2-3 Nov 2009; Available from Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission, 9 Kwame Nkrumah Crescent Asokoro, P.M.B. 646 Garki Abuja (NG)

Publ. Year: 2010

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