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Distribution and assessment of radionuclides in sediments, soil and water from the lower basin of river Pra in the Central and Western Regions of Ghana

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by Adukpo, O.K.; Faanu, A.; Lawluvi, H.; Tettey-Larbi, L.; Emi-Reynolds, G.; Darko, E.O.; Kansaana, C.; Kpeglo, D.O.; Awudu, A.R. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Legon, Accra (Ghana). Environmental Protection and Waste Management Centre, Radiation Protection Institute); Glover, E.T. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Legon, Accra (Ghana). National Radioactive Waste Management Centre, National Nuclear Research Institute) (and others) 

Direct gamma spectrometry study was carried out within lower basin of river Pra to ascertain the baseline radioactivity levels of naturally occurring radioactive materials. The average activity concentrations of 238U, 232Th and 40K in the soil and sediment were 25.51, 28.04 and 238.98 Bqkg-1 for soil, and 16.02, 20.31 and 27.39 Bqkg-1 for the sediment. The study indicated that the activity concentrations of 238U, 232Th and 40K in the water were calculated to be 2.51, 1.71 and 41.43 BqL-1, respectively and the corresponding annual effective dose ranged from 0.35 to 3.91 with an average of 1.82 μSvyear-1. These values are within the levels allowed elsewhere or recommended by the WHO. (author)

Source/Report: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry; v. 303(3); ISSN 0236-5731; Worldcat;CODEN JRNCDM; Mar 2015; p. 1679-1685; 18 refs.

Publ. Year: 2015

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