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Control of pest infestation of food by irradiation

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by Amuh, I.K.A. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra)

The radiation techniques being studied for use in the control of pest infestation of post-harvest food are reviewed. Two main techniques are discussed: direct irradiation of the food together with its infestation load and application of the sterile-male technique. The progress made in the radiation entomology of stored-product insects as it relates to the direct irradiation method is discussed. The two variants of the sterile-male technique are discussed, namely, the classical sterile-male technique in which fully sterile males are released, and the inherited partial sterility technique in which substerile males are used. The potentials and relative merits of these methods are also discussed. (author)

Source/Report: International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna (Austria); Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome (Italy); World Health Organization, Geneva (Switzerland); Proceedings series; v. 1 p. 197-205; ISBN 92-0-010278-6; Worldcat; 1978; v. 1 p. 197-205; IAEA; Vienna; International symposium on food preservation by irradiation; Wageningen, Netherlands; 21 – 25 Nov 1977; IAEA-SM–221/72; 42 refs.

Publ. Year: 1978

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