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Radiation dose estimation of patients undergoing lumbar spine radiography

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by Gyekye, Prince Kwabena; Simon, Adu; Geoffrey, Emi-Reynolds; Johnson, Yeboah; Stephen, Inkoom; Engmann, Cynthia Kaikor; Samuel, Wotorchi-Gordon (Radiation Protection Institute, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Legon, Accra (Ghana)), E-mail: 

Radiation dose to organs of 100 adult patients undergoing lumbar spine (LS) radiography at a University Hospital have been assessed. Free in air kerma measurement using an ionization chamber was used for the patient dosimetry. Organ and effective dose to the patients were estimated using PCXMC (version 1.5) software. The organs that recorded significant dose due to LS radiography were lungs, stomach, liver, adrenals, kidney, pancreas, spleen, gallbladder, and the heart. It was observed that the stomach recorded the highest dose (48.2 ± 1.2 μ Gy) for LS anteroposterior (AP). The spleen also recorded the highest dose (41.2 ± 0.5 μGy) for LS lateral (LAT). The mean entrance surface air kerma (ESAK) of LS LAT (122.2 μGy) was approximately twice that of LS AP (76.3 μGy), but the effective dose for both examinations were approximately the same (LS LAT = 8.6 μSv and LS AP = 10.4 μSv). The overall stochastic health effect of radiation to patients due to LS radiography in the University Hospital is independent of the projection of the examination (AP or LAT). (author)

Source/Report: Journal of Medical Physics; v. 38(4); CODEN JMPHFE; Oct-Dec 2013; p. 185-188; 13 refs., 2 figs., 4 tabs.

Publ. Year: 2013

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