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Labelling of organic compounds with carbon-14 atoms produced by the reduction of 14C02 on magnesium with γ irradiation

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by Brown, J.P.H. (Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Accra)

Experiments are reported which have been undertaken to examine the feasibility of labelling organic compounds with 14C by exposing them to the energetic 14C atoms which result after 14C02 molecules have been reduced on the surface of magnesium with gamma irradiation. Compounds ranging in complexity from simple ones (hexane and glucose) to fairly complicated ones (testoterone and reserpine) have been labelled by this method with specific activities of the order of 0.3 μCi/mM (for hexane) to 12 mCi/mM (for chloroquine) with 1 mCi of 14CO2 and 2 megarads of gamma irradiation at a dose rate of 120 rad/sec. (U.K.)

Source/Report International Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes; v. 27(12) p. 719-721; Dec 1976
Publ. Year 1976

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